"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Rico’s funeral

A dramatic day. I burried my best friend Rico today he was a mix between Gordon Setter and Flat coated retriever. The best companion and friend anyone could ask for. He was burried a place he just loved to be – out by the cottage. I was lucky to have him for well over 14 years until he died in March this year (has been frozen ever since). Now he rests beneath a mountain cliff overlooking the fjord.

Rico's funeral

Rico's Final rest beneath the cliff on a bed of Juniper

After the funeral – I went on to fix some electrical installation – and we then returned to Narvik.

Crossing the mountain in a blizzard, we came across an accident that had occurred just moments ago. I found a safe spot to park and ran out to see to the driver (no passengers in the vehicle). While I was parking he had managed to climb out of the car and seemed ok. The new BMW he drove had taken it pretty hard though ripping of a wheel and smashing several windows – pretty banged up down in the ditch, but luckily the young driver got away from the ordeal one very expensive experience richer – but with no apparent physical injuries, and already well taken care of when I arrived at the scene.

So for me the day ended on a happy note – no injuries! I must admit although I always keep my cool composure in accidents – a very good skill from my medical army officer’s training, after all running around screaming doesn’t help anybody very much – the adrenalin rushes and first aid and medical procedures starts running through my mind and body. Having drilled procedures almost to the point of boredom is very useful when the real “red alert” hits you. Knowing what to do and in which order cuts valuable time wasted scratching you head – SO LEARN FIRST AID TODAY. You never know who, when and where – it will almost certainly come in handy one day!!!

I guess this accident was a combination of a rapidly dropping temperatur, snowfall, ice on the road and a very inexperienced, young driver. Well, all is well that ends well. A bit of paperwork left and I can already hear the bed calling.

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