"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Friend’s Achievements

Ofoten Fjord lit up by Northern Lights

This old and slow computer really needs changing now. Moore’s Law is very much in effect here. But I enjoy very much sharing my photos with you – and by the looks of it – you enjoy it to! Lesley Carter is one of my most avid readers. Her blog Bucket List Publication – lesleycarter.com is really nice – especially if you’re a viking roaming the seven seas (and the lands in between). So please check it out! And she is – according to her profile page – pregnant as well: so congrats and best wishes all around, Lesley!

This photo was taken from Ankens with view of the Ofoten Fjord and the mountain range Veggen (loosly translates to “The Wall”) in the background on October the 12. Enjoy!

Northern Lights lighting up The Ofoten Fjord with the mountain range Veggen in the background. October 12. 2012

Northern Lights lighting up The Ofoten Fjord with the mountain range Veggen in the background. October 12. 2012

Tonight, tonight, maybe tonight…

The conditions are good! Clear skies and moderate particle stream from the sun, so my camera is set, my wool clothes are all ready. Tripod? Check! Extra battery? Check! Flash light? Check! All systems nominal. Go, no-go for northern lights! WE HAVE A GO FOR AURORA BOREALIS!

In the news today we saw that 45. million readers have seen the Facebook page for Visit Northern Norway – and yet again my friend Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen lundeimages. com made the frontpage with one of his stunning photos, the very photo I got his permission to show here to the right! It is an absolute beauty of a northern lights shot! The photo is taken in Bø in Vesterålen (Boe in Vesteraalen) – the beautiful group of islands between Lofoten and the main land.

Visit Northern Norway Facebook page – click here

45 million visits to Visit Northern Norway (Norwegian)

Northern lights? -straight up, please!

Northern lights? -straight up, please!

Alkali Lake, Bolivia

I totally fell in love with this photo by taniajessicasmith.wordpress.com Alkali Lake, Bolivia. I hope you enjoy it too. Big thanks to Tania for letting me re-blog this beautiful landscape!

Alkali Lake, Bolivia

Alkali Lake, Bolivia

via Alkali Lake, Bolivia.

Pink Aurora

My friend Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen has shot this brilliantly breathtaking Aurora Borealis shot of Værøya (Vaeroeya) in Vesteraalen. This is just one photo of extremely many absolutely stunning photos that you can enjoy at www.lundeimages.com Read more about Lunde Images in the column to the right under “special friends with special talents”!

Pink Aurora

Pink Aurora (photo: Ostein Lunde Invaldsen)

Photos from Bø in Vesterålen – HD

Breathtaking photos by Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen from probably the most beautiful place in the World – Bø in Vesterålen! Please check out more stunning photos at http://oysteinphoto.1x.com/gallery

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Norway in Red, White and Blue

As you probably know, the Norwegian Flag‘s colours are Red, White and Blue. My friend Jack caught just those colors in a brilliant shot a few days ago:

Norway in Red, White and Blue (photo: Jack Lihaug)

Norway in Red, White and Blue (photo: Jack Lihaug)

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes – A Bitterly Cold Work for a Sweet Warm Help

In accordance with tradition I purchased the annual Christmas Tree yesterday from the local Lions Club outside the local supermarket REMA 1000 on Ankenes. Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes is a fantastic club! Every year the comb the area for land owners with Christmas Tree sized spuces (Norway Spruce) to sell for Christmas. Once they have found areas suitable for Christmas Trees, they go up (it is usually up a hill side or mountain) into the woods and cut spruces, drag them down to the nearest road and transport them into town.

The spruce I bought yesterday, was a fantastic tree. It smelled just like a spruce is supposed to smell like! And the branches was so thightly packed, it was just amazing! And all the trees for sale looked amazing!

So – what’s the money used for?

Like any other respectable Lions Club, Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes work for free to earn money for humanitarian projects in the local area, nation-wide and internationally.

Today I stopped by with my camera. I would say -9 degrees is pretty cold for a lion, but not these Lions! Their hearts are plenty warm by the important job they are doing to help their fellow human beings (and environment!) to endure the cold winter weather! I took a few shots of the Lions on Ankenes in action.

Do you want to buy the very best looking and smelling Christmas Trees in Narvik? And do you want to help people in need? Here’s the Lions Club sales stand by Rema 1000:

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes selling Christmas Trees to aid people in need! It's a cold job!

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes selling Christmas Trees to aid people in need! It's a cold job!

Find your way to the Lions Christmas Tree stand!

Find your way to the Lions Christmas Tree stand!

I opened this Lions Art Exhibition and I recommend you to see!

If you are in Denmark, I recommend this fantastic Lions Art Exhibition! It’s free admission to the exhibition and I had the great honor and joy of opening this fantastic oasis of beautiful sights last Saturday!

The artists displaying their works are paying to exhibit. The surplus is exclusively used to buy food for poor families, and toys for poor families with children for Christmas!

You can read about the exhibition on Lions Clubs Aarhus Sct. Clemens homepage. If you do not read Danish, there are pictures there and a QR-code to show you the way to this very special, very intimate exhibition. And there are works for sale in various price categories. The Perfect and Unique Christmas could be awaiting you there!

Go today! You won’t regret it, unless YOUR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT just have been sold..! Well, maybe you can find an even better one!? One thing i sure: that Christmas present you will be giving during the holidays, is unique! There is nothing like it in the entire world!

Please, click here to go to Lions Clubs Aarhus Sct. Clemens homepage.

The exhibition is open until December 23rd.

Scene from the Lions Art Exhibition i Sonderhoj - Denmark

Scene from the Lions Art Exhibition i Sonderhoj - Denmark

Vote for Jack! – 4 days to go! The Most Beautiful Place in Norway!

The most Beautiful Place in Norway

My friend Jack Lihaug – a faithful supplier of great photos to this blog – has entered this beautiful photograph in the contest “The Most Beautiful Place in Norway”. If you like this picture – give Jack your vote! You can vote by clicking here.

You won’t get more Northern-Norway than this!

My friend the biologist and natural photographer Mr. Bergersen has lend me a fantastic picture. Thank you so much Espen!

This time it is a Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) sliding down into the pitch dark deep of the oceans – leaving just the majestic white snow covered mountains of the second largest Island of Norway – Senja – as a backdrop.

It simply doesn’t get much more North-Norwegian than that! And the light captured in this classical photo is so indicative of the time of year: Just a few hours of pink and red skies, and apart from that: complete night darkness – one really has to be tough to adjust to such an habitat. Beauty and Love is what drives us – Beauty and Love – Beauty in nature and Love for nature and the bounty of meat and fish it provides us, and Beauty in each other and Love for one another. That’s what we in Northern-Norway find at the core of being a society up here. Yeah, that and a dash of Viking Blood – otherwise we couldn’t rough it out.

Humpback Whale descends into the pitch blach sea with the Majestic Senja Mountains as a backrdrop in the light ours (no sun light here now)

Humpback Whale descends into the pitch blach sea with the Majestic Senja Mountains as a backrdrop in the light hours in the middle of the day (no sun light here now). Photo: Espen Bergersen.

On Espens’ blogg you will find even more stunning pictures. Please go to: naturgalleriet.blogspot.com and enjoy a whole series of raw and delicate arctic nature that we love som much here in The Great North.

Unique Film and Pictures of Killer Whales by Espen Bergersen

The biologist and natural photographer Espen Bergersen has graciously let me borrow one of his amazing Pictures! His films has been shown on the state public channel NRK. No wonder! The films from Mr. Bergersen is absolutely breathtaking. These Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) are on the prowl for herring and in between there is time for some play and fun. The spectacle took place on Christmas Day outside of Kvalnes, Andøya in the county of Nordland.

There are also Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the mix. Absolutely fantastic. I have seen a lot of whales in packs, but this is really special. An enormous number of animals gathered for this Christmas feast on Christmas Day.

Breathtaking! See Mr. Bergersen’s film on his blog – naturgalleriet.blogspot.com – by clicking here or just click the photo below.

Killer Whales dancing after the herring hunt.

Killer Whales dancing after the herring hunt. Photo: Espen Bergersen

Dear Reader – This is a Christmas Present for you!

Candles to rememberFor many of us this will be a special Christmas. We have lost someone very dear to us and there is an empty space in the otherwise festive occasions.

This beautiful song was presented to me by my friend Amethyste (who is Amethyste? Read a previous article on Northern Blogosphere to find out!) for free to share with all of my readers. Thank so you very much Amethyste.

The song “Leaving in a Touch of Silence” is a song to commemorate those dear friends and family that are no longer with us. Don’t miss out on this breathtakingly beautiful song from Amethyste!

To download the song (6.24 MB), please click this link or simply click the Christmas Present below to open.

Merry Christmas from The Northern Blogosphere and Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel!

Christmas Present for the Readers of Northern Blogosphere

Christmas Present for the Readers of Northern Blogosphere (please click the image to open).

Amethyste – A Singer with an Angelic Voice that reverberates straight to your soul!

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

My friend Amethyste sings with a voice that totally blows me away. I connected with her through Bryan EL, whom with she is working together with at the moment. There is an undefinable timbre in this clear, angelig voice of here, that is soooo rare, so I decided to write this very short introduction.

Amethyste sings like an angel – or at least like I imagine an angel would sing – had I ever met one. I guess you could meet an angel on his first barcrawl, singing with a beer an whiskey voice. After all angels only are a heavenly beings too…

Well, that was a totally sidetrack, if you ever saw one. Back to the Lovely Amethyste!

She’s got a fabulous voice that just must have been created back in time with a very generous pinch of divine inspiration and talent sprinkled over her vocal cords,  sending the very essence of her through her songs to all of  around the globe .

Amethyste says:

I am on I-Tunes 🙂 I have 3 CDs out… My latest came out last december for Christmas 🙂 Search for Amethyste

Just go to iTunes and search for Amethyste! Avery nice place to start shopping for Christmas Presents this year, I’d say! Angelic voice ringing out by the fireplace as Christmas Eve descends on us. What could be better to get you in the mood for the hollidays?

And last but not least: Amethyste has now gotten a permanent place in my musical friends’ “Hall of Fame” which you can find in the column to the right!