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Archive for 27. October 2010

Norwegian Fish – (about) to become a Scam! SIGN PETITION TODAY! Norsk Fiskesvindel – SKRIV UNDER I DAG!

There has been a rotten hustle going on with Norwegian meat for years. It has become a “tradition” pumping the meat full of salt, water, phosphate and other additives to increase the weight, change the color and prolong shelf-life. NOW this scam is about to become an excuse for doing the same with The Norwegian Gold – FISH…! Already some Norwegian fish factories are illegally injecting fish with water, salt and phosphate – and now they want it legalized. Not only water and phosphate is going to be injected into the fish, but also fish-guts…!!! For what? For increasing weight and change color, so you – the consumer – won’t know that the fish is actually old and grey – because the fish meat is still white and shiny…!

What a SCAM! My grandfather Rolv Bjugn was a honest, hard working fisherman and it took a lot to make him angry. But I guarantee you he would not have been happy if he had watched the news yesterday..!

Sign the petition today! Keep Norwegian fish pure and of high quality an value! Please, Click Here – Skriv under i dag – hold norsk fisk ren! Klikk her!

My Grandfather - Rolv Bjugn - on his fishing vessel "Havleik"

My Grandfather - Rolv Bjugn - on his fishing vessel "Havleik", he is standing on the foredeck while sailing for the cod fishery in Lofoten Islands.