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Fresh Moose meat directly from the Forrest

The king of the deer family, the Moose (also known as European Elk, Lat: Alces alces) wander in huge flock around here. Today we got some meat directly from the forrest from a hunter and good friend of ours. The meat is rich in taste. The moose is capable of eating a huge variety of plants. It loves forbes and shoots from especially birch trees. One of the delights it is especially interested in is the shoots from our approximately 150 years old redcurrant bush by our cottage. This seems to be an especially good treat for the moose. From time to time they wander down to the sea as well to get som sodium in their diet from seaweeds and other waterplants.

This varied diet gives a rich and spicy taste to the meat, which the population of Norway has treasured for as long as there has been Norwegians here. In fact the right smack in the middle of Narvik there is a huge (2 meters) stone carving approximately 3.000 years old depicting a moose. The entire area around Narvik is full of stone carvings depicting hunting and fishing scenes by our ancestors.

Well, the first load of moose is in the freezer and in a few days more is coming. Delicious!

Moose meat

Moose meat packed for freezing.

Fresh moose meat

Fresh moose meat.

Moose-Rock-Carving-3000years-Photo-Bjoern Helberg

Stone carving of a moose in the middle of Narvik City, approximately 3.000 years old. Photo: Bjørn Helberg

Yesterday’s Panorama (6th of October)

It has been blowing and raining most all day, so no picture today. I am therefore posting yesterday’s Panorama instead. Enjoy!