"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany


Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Winter is coming – Narvik seen from Ankenes with mountains freshly covered with snow in the background

Early Morning Snow Shower

Early Morning Snow Shower

Early Morning Snow Shower

Gone for so long… -The torments of life

Late Summer Early Morning Magic

Late Summer Early Morning Magic – Please click the photo to see The Big Picture

Great injustice from a failing legal system basing judgement on an unbelievable set of lies and deceits – crushing people that has already been severely damaged by a failing health system.
That sums up my life the last four months. But there has also been rays of divine sunlight shining through. A Beautiful New Friend. Old Friends. Newborn Life.

I try to pull on all my wisdom and make sense of it all. It isn’t always easy although the philosophy is simple. Somehow I’ll get through this. The very still point in the eye of the storm lays in my mind – an eternal source for peace of mind and tranquility. A universe making it possible escaping the physical and psychological torment that life has thrown at me and my family for so many years.

And then there is photography. Even if I am quite immobilized for the time being, I have manged to capture some beautiful, dramatic and picturesque moments from the ever-changing and beautiful scenery around here. Capturing and Sharing these moments are some of the greatest joys in life right now. Unfortunately I haven’t shared this with you the past few months, but I will post them now one by one in the time to come. Not with a lot of text, just the photos. That is all the energy I have to spare for the time being.

I have also become quite popular through social media. So popular in fact, that people are lining up to buy my photos! Unbelievable, really. I am just a simple man…

I am preparing a Google+ site, but my brand new Facebook Photography Page (in English) – www.facebook.com/dohmenphoto – has already reached 1,300+ Likes… Please join!

If you bring on a smile on my face by liking, commenting and/or sharing this page, my social media pages and photos – I will be eternally grateful to you!

Thank you so much for your Kind Support & Enjoy!

First Aid Kit – Emmylou

I have totally fallen for these brilliant voices. The Swedish sisters in “First Aid Kit” Music Johanna and Klara have voices with really similar vocal harmonies, BUT the tiny little difference makes this duo MAGICAL!

Please watch this musicvideo by First Aid Kit performing their new single “Emmylou” This is the second single taken from the new First Aid Kit album, The Lion’s Roar, available on Wichita Recordings.
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Update 2200 zulu time – Siv’s last flight

I made this video that shows the approximate flight path of the missing airplane “Siv” with 5 crewmembers aboard that went missing yesterday March 15. 2012.Observe the extremly jagged mountain formation. At the end of the film, I pause and give a panorama from the search area.The weather is extremely difficult in the area. High winds and snow with just a few meters visibility makes the search next to impossible. The avalanche alert is also very high.It was just reported now that an aircraft seat with fuel on has been found by mountain rescue climbers.But the search is executed with determination to find the plane and the crew. This evening the commanding general commented that what happened in the Andes when 16 passengers survived a crash and some of them managed to walk out of the mountain range after 72 days to get help is well remembered.I hope and pray that this crash also would present survivors, but the huge area the pieces from the plane was scattered over, could suggest otherwise.The film about the Andes survivors is called “Alive!” and is well worth seeing!

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Blogging from 30.000 ft in the air

Although the solar activity lately makes it a risky business health-wise to fly, it’s beautiful up here. And with the airline Norwegian’s brand new Boeing 737-800 it’s even possible to connect to the Internet for free. Way to go Norwegian! And now the company has made the single biggest purchase of aircrafts in European history. It’s a very interesting company to follow!

Right now I’m crossing the strait between Norway and Denmark in the brand new machine “Anders Celsius”. Here’s a photo taken

enroute from Northern Norway earlier today.

From the skies with love!


Photos from Bø in Vesterålen – HD

Breathtaking photos taken by Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen in probably the most beautiful place in the World – Bø in Vesterålen
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Last day of the year 2011 – By the Ofoten Fjord

Please click the photo underneath to go to the interactive site, where you can rotate and zoom the panorama!

Interactive Panorama - Last day of the year 2011 - By the Ofoten Fjord

Interactive Panorama - Last day of the year 2011 - By the Ofoten Fjord (Narvik in the bacground)

Happy New Year ~ 2012!

Northern Lights – Aurora borealis – Narvik – Sverre M.B. Dohmen 01/10/2011

Obviously something went wrong with my initial link to my Northern Lights film, so here it is again via Vodpod. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch this spectacular Aurora film I’ve made!

Now blogging to you from 30,000 feet! I am writing this sitting in a brand new Norwegian Airlines Boeing 737-800 with Wifi connection!

And being at this altitude these days means getting very high doses of radiation. The sun has emitted extremely high doses of particles these last few days.

But the particle streams don’t only offer a health hazard. Towards the poles it also cause Aurora borealis. I made this film – please click here!

A will produce an HD version later on. From the sky with love!

Kobbvika – Efjord – yesterday night

Kobbvika - Efjord

Scenery from Kobbvika - Efjord

Owl City’s Vanilla Sky

Click image for superhigh resolution


Monster Storms

Northern Norway has been hit by a monster blizzard. Early this morning more than 100 roads were closed. It has been the worst hurricane in decades.

My frien Jack took this picture today when he was traveling to Hovden out in the Vesterålen islands.

Onthe way to Hovden in the blizzard

Onthe way to Hovden in the blizzard - Photo Jack Lihaug

劉曉波 – Liu Xiaobo – A very dangerous criminal

Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo - Nobel Peace Price Laureate 2010

Well, that’s what the Chinese governtment thinks. They locked this gentle man for 11 years. His crime? He only wants democracy for his people and the great nation of China to prosper. But his vision of prosperity is obviously not what the Communist Party in China envisions as prosperity.

The Nobel Peace Price committee announced on the 8th of October 2010 that this years laureate was Liu Xiaobo. The Chinese government locked his wife up in house arrest, and has since detained all Xiaobo’s relatives. That means his chair at the ceremony today is going to be empty. The last time this happened was when Nazi Germany send Carl von Ossietzky into concentration camp in 1935.

So why is Liu Xiaobo such a “dangerous criminal”. He is a poet by trade, but he has uttered his ideas about a federal state system, with Tibet and Taiwan as free associated states in this union. That is nothing less than blasphemous words in the ears of the Chinese Communist Party.

Read more about Liu Xiaobo by clicking here.

維基百科的文章關於 2010年諾貝爾和平獎得主中劉曉波中文。 An article in chinese can be found here.

Nobel Medal

Nobel Medal

Share huge files with drag and drop! Protect you valuable photos with ease!

Now this is so ingenious that I just have to share it with you!

Dropbox logo

Dropbox logo

  • Ever wanted to share a huge file?
  • Ever tried to send a file to a friend or colleague only to get a scolding for “blowing up” their inbox with a huge file?
  • Ever worried about loosing important documents, pictures, music files etc. because you don’t have a backup of your computers Harddrive?

Use Dropbox! It is as simple as any other folder on your computer. Just pick up the file you want to protect and drop it in the Dropbox folder. I have never regretted one second that I got my Dropbox! It is simple, fast, reliable and safe. And sharing mega-files with friends and family is just a walk in the park!

Get your Dropbox today – it is free! Please, click on the button below:

Downlaod Dropbox

Silent day

Silent day by the Ofoten Fjord

Silent day by the Ofoten Fjord (Please, click image for mega-panorama)

All work and no play

At least I have my good friend Jacks beautiful pictures taken out in the islands of Vesterålen (Bø) to relax my eyes on once and a while:

Jack Lihaug

Bø in Vesterålen - photo: Jack Lihaug

Moving can be a slow and painful affair

I started the Norwegian Success on Facebook “Ren norsk fisk uten kjemikalier”. This was a campaign against pumping fish full of waste products and phosphates in order to improve wight and coulour, which in well over a week gathered almost 5.500 fans. Not bad for a Norwegian site. But there were quite a few complaints about the title. It was not correct Norwegian, it was not serious enough etc. etc. so. I title on a Facebook Site cannot be altered, once it has been published (thank you very much, Facebook, for making our lives so easy…) I put to a vote if we should move to a new group. There was a majority, although not big, for moving. After long deliberations with myself and my brilliant co-administrator, Ann, the decision was made to move.

This is obviously a painstaking process. From yesterday until now in 19 hours only 320 people has migrated into the new page. It seems as if people don’t really read messages sent to them from Facebook Sites. In fact the old group is actually growing..! What a headache… Well, I am quite confident that people in time will like the new page better.

Support the demand for Pure Norwegian Fish with no additives, and hit the “Like” button on this page – click here!

Thanks for all the birthday-wishes!

It’s been a nice day with lots of delightful birthday wishes. Thanks a lot!

I grew up in the Apollo era and was born just a few months after man first set foot on the lunar surface. Ever since my childhood days I have loved space exploration. I remember when I was 3-4 years old, running around in the garden at night with an empty bottle of Tabac aftershave that I got from my dad – held up against the starry night sky – imagining that it was this black and white Apollo spacecraft traveling to the moon!

Yesterday I was hoping for the Space Shuttle Discover, STS-131, to blast of on the second last Space Shuttle mission in history – but unfortunately there was a hydrogen gas-leak from the bleed off valve and the mission had to be scrubbed. Looking forward to the blast off!

Space Shuttle "Discovery" waiting on the launch pad.

Space Shuttle "Discovery" waiting on the launch pad. The launch yesterday had to be scrubbed due to a hydrogen bleed off valve leak.

Norway (almost) cut in half – The house is shaking in the hurricane

It is blowing hurricane today in Northern-Norway. Hurricane force winds starts at 63 knots – today a weather station measured 109 knots winds (126 miles per hour / 202 kilometers per hour).

There is an ancient, mythical Norwegian creature from the sea called “Draugen”. Today my friend the photographer Jack Lihaug actually captured a picture of “Draugen”:

Draugen - Photo: Jack Lihaug

Draugen - Photo: Jack Lihaug

Draugen (painted by Theodor Kittelsen)

Draugen (painted by Theodor Kittelsen)

See more of Jack Lihaug’s stunning photos on his Facebook-page.

The Troll Hunter Official trailer ENGLISH version!

Ohh, no – here they come again!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


The Troll Hunter – The Trolls are coming!!!

Ohhh, no – here they come – the TROLLS!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Busy keeping Norwegian Fish clean

The Facebook-campaign has been a tremendous success! 1.100 “likes” in a little over a day – not bad for a Norwegian site! The petition is a little slower, but we are getting there! Remember the population is only 4.9 millions.

The 3 first and biggest head-lines in today’s news on the main Norwegian news channel, NRK, was spot on regarding additives in meat and fish. SURPRISINGLY several CEO’s of several large supermarket chains bluntly admitted that they don’t eat the same meat and fish (containing phosphates) that they sell to Norwegian consumers – nor feed it to their kids. That says it all – I rest my case (for now)…

Snapshot from the Pure Norwegian Fish Campaign on Facebook

Snapshot from the Pure Norwegian Fish Campaign on Facebook