"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Air – Johann Sebastian Bach

It’s been way to long since I have time to play. And – from the looks of my calendar, and people totally stressing me out, there will be a long time until I have time to sit down by the keyboard and concentrate again.

Fortunately I have done a few soothing pieces that I listen to, during stressful times. I did a series of classical pieces a while back, where I tried to use only my favorite synth ANTIDOTE by Synapse (a German built, 800 oscillator synth). I will share these with you – piece by piece.

First one out is the timeless “Air” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please read the comment on my Soundcloud-page – soundcloud.com/northernblogosphere for further info and feel free to subscribe there to listen to other pieces!

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