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Classic Norwegian Fishing Vessel – Ariadne

Classic Norwegian Fishing Vessel - Ariadne

Classic Norwegian Fishing Vessel – Ariadne – in port. The building on the left in the background is the head office of “The Most Beautiful Sea Voyage in The World – “Hurtigruten”. Hurtigruten is a group of ships continuosly transporting tourists, Norwegians, cars and goods up and down the coastline of Norway. It has done so for more than 115 years!

Narvik Harbour

Narvik Harbour

To the left, Ankenes, The Mt. Sleeping Queen (Sovende Dronning) 1.576 m. To the right, the inlet of the Ofoten Fjord, LKAB iron ore shipping facility and part of Narvik (Framnes) on the far right.

Moonshine in the Harbour…

Moonshine in the Harbour

Beisfjord this evening

Partial Panorama of the Ofoten Fjord – Sunset

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Grand Panorama of the Ofoten Fjord and Narvik

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Moments of Autumn

Today’s Panorama – October 10th, 2010

View from Ankenes towards Narvik and Herjangen (opposite side of the Ofoten Fjord).

Wing Clipping “The Yellow Angel”

The Ambulance Plane landed no less than 3 times yesterday. Nevertheless they are now going to shut down the airport and cut off some 20.000 people from this life-saving transport. Instead they are going to build a bridge and transport patients to a regional airport. Compared to the 5-minute ride from the local hospital to Narvik Airport today, the patients will in the future have to be transported to Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. A transport-time of at least 45 minutes. How many critically ill patients will die during these some extra 40 minutes? Today the ambulance operator Lufttransport AS flies some 300 missions a year to Narvik Lufthavn.

The picture below is a montage of one of the “Yellow Angel’s” 3 missions to Narvik yesterday.

“Visit” Narvik..!

A few excellent links on Narvik:

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Wonder what the Norwegian pages is all about? Try Google Translate!