"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Favorite blog-friends

On this page you will find my favorite blogsites in an unordered list!

The order of the list does not reflect any preferences, just the order they are added…

vidalnyc.wordpress.com – Vidal’s ~ Photos of New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and more.  
Kjetil Karlsen Foto – Photo-art site made by my friend Kjetil. You might also want to check out his joint photo-project page with Malin Hellesø – A Swedish Photograph: whisperingphotography.wordpress.com  
Steinkjerringa – Local Norwegian blog from Boe in Vesteraalen (Bø i Vesterålen)
hvabehager.blogspot.com – Fantastic blog in Norwegian!
She’s wonderful in her use of the language. Feels like I’ve found a soul sister!
midnattssol.blogg.no – A blogg from Narvik made by a friend, Bente.
She is crazy about climbing the mountains here. Furthermore, she takes the trouble of hauling her camera along on her journeys, which makes for some spectacular shots!
 lesleycarter.wordpress.com – Lesley Carter / Bucket List Publication – Great blog for the travelers! Any blogger can get their piece publicised here.  

 Other favorites

calm.com and Do Nothing for 2 MinutesJust sit back, relax and enjoy! Wellness by mouseclick!  

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