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-The Greatest Christmas City in the North

Front Cover of the local Newspaper - Fremover - today

Front Cover of the local Newspaper - Fremover - today. It reads -Greatest Christmas city in the North

That is the proud statement from Åsunn Lyngedal in today’s edition of the local newspaper Fremover (today’s issue can be bought by clicking here). The pictures inside the newpaper of the annual lighting of the Chistmas Spruce tells us that, yes there might be something there in that statement! The council of shopowners has bought a totally new set of Christmas decorations, with some beautiful light displays.

This is a important boost for those overly stretched citizens of this overly stretched municipality, after the mayor, more or less gambled the entire income of all hydroelectric energy for the next fifteen years by taking a loan from an American investment house, Terra Securities. And the mayor lost the gamble thus hurtling our society “off the cliff”. Did it have any consequence for her and her total lack of pure and simple common sense? Nope, she is still in power…

This city, booming with high-tech industries and optimism, suddenly got the news: because of the financial scandal, there is to be an extreme increase in income taxes and other taxes. Schools, roads, homes for the elderly, kindergartens and streetlights (duh! in one of the darkest cities in the winter) will all feel the knife in a desperate attempt to get rid of the debt of three quarters of a billion kroner. That’s some 700.000.000. kroner divided with a population of 18.000.

There is a program on Discovery Channel, with three ex-swindlers show you the tricks of the trade. They always end their programs with the phrase: –If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Maybe the mayor should have watched that show once and a while, and maybe this entire misery could have been avoided.

Strange moon above Narvik

Moon above Narvik Harbor

Moon above Narvik Harbor (HDR-compilation)

Experimented somewhat with my tiny pocket camera (that will have to do – I can’t afford the EOS dream since NOBODY has liked my blog enough to DONATE by clicking the yellow “Donate”-button to the right here. That’s it. If your handicapped in this Socialist Dream State, the government flogs you! Since you are the least likely person to give any trouble since you have enough with your ailment and really no fighting will to strike back.

The poverty has skyrocketed during the 5 years this socialist govenment has been in power. At the same time the state has hired some 100.000 people more, directly from the streets, and given the administrative positions, where these people are put into positions where they are processing the ill and handicaped. The easiest is to turn down applications, simply because these co-worker plain and simple don’t know what the hell doing. I mean these government employees can’t even do the most basic things like writing Norwegian…

So this government has secured their next term in power by buying (using taxpayers money) votes through the hiring of an enormous army of people in very little effective organizations where they can turn down applications. Like a friend of mine. She is chained to a wheelchair and has a right to some funds to get a car that is custom build for her handicap. Turn down… After months struggling and hiring an expensive lawyer, she finally got her car, that the law states she should have had in the first place.

I have not been paid my pension in 2 years…… Yep, two years ago. I talked to the assholes in NAV more than six months ago. They just laughed at me – couldn’t care less. Probably will have to wait another year and take some loans to survive. Fat chance of getting a loan  as long as my pension isn’t payed. God I hate this nepotistic communist state, Norway. It really eats at me being treated like crap. When I was working they happily took most of my income in taxes and fees. Now, When an unfortunate disease har struck me down, there is no help in sight. I hope they all burn in hell – nepotistic, corrupt assholes!

Well, just had to blow out some steam. – it is extremely frustarting.


Today s picture, was taken yesterday and I have used a High Dynamic Range software on it, which produced a nice picture of Narvik, but left the Moon looking somewhat strange.

Amethyste – A Singer with an Angelic Voice that reverberates straight to your soul!

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

My friend Amethyste sings with a voice that totally blows me away. I connected with her through Bryan EL, whom with she is working together with at the moment. There is an undefinable timbre in this clear, angelig voice of here, that is soooo rare, so I decided to write this very short introduction.

Amethyste sings like an angel – or at least like I imagine an angel would sing – had I ever met one. I guess you could meet an angel on his first barcrawl, singing with a beer an whiskey voice. After all angels only are a heavenly beings too…

Well, that was a totally sidetrack, if you ever saw one. Back to the Lovely Amethyste!

She’s got a fabulous voice that just must have been created back in time with a very generous pinch of divine inspiration and talent sprinkled over her vocal cords,  sending the very essence of her through her songs to all of  around the globe .

Amethyste says:

I am on I-Tunes 🙂 I have 3 CDs out… My latest came out last december for Christmas 🙂 Search for Amethyste

Just go to iTunes and search for Amethyste! Avery nice place to start shopping for Christmas Presents this year, I’d say! Angelic voice ringing out by the fireplace as Christmas Eve descends on us. What could be better to get you in the mood for the hollidays?

And last but not least: Amethyste has now gotten a permanent place in my musical friends’ “Hall of Fame” which you can find in the column to the right!

Last shimmer of daylight in the North

In 20 days there is no sunshine and most of the day is pitch black until 13th of January. Around Christmas there is just an hour or two of twilight. The rest of the day it is totally black. In that perspective I must say the electricity producers should be ashamed of themselves. They practically give away industrial electricity to neighbor countries like Sweden and Denmark for free, while old, poor people in Norway freeze to death during the winter because they cannot pay the electricity bill. Shame on you!

Sometimes I get a feeling that the owners of the energy companies and politicians almost hate the people they are here to serve. There is a widespread nepotism in this society that will devour it unless it is stopped. To build a good society, both heart and mind must communicate with each other in the decision makers. Today it more or less seems that the only thing they are interested in is their own reelection, their own benefits and their own pension. That is no way to govern a society.

Well, we still have got the beautiful nature – for now…

Last Shimmer of Daylight

Last Shimmer of Daylight in the North

More Pure Fish

Today there has been a lot of private work, and I have done some translations. Apart from all this, there has been some more campaigning on the Campaign for Pure Norwegian Fish, and luckily the main public service news-channel in Norway, NRK, still keeps the focus on food additives – which is really admirable! Signing off with Today’s Panorama:

Panorama of the inner part of the Ofoten Fjord and Narvik

Today's Panorama of the inner part of the Ofoten Fjord and Narvik (please click for a larger picture)

Norwegian Fish – (about) to become a Scam! SIGN PETITION TODAY! Norsk Fiskesvindel – SKRIV UNDER I DAG!

There has been a rotten hustle going on with Norwegian meat for years. It has become a “tradition” pumping the meat full of salt, water, phosphate and other additives to increase the weight, change the color and prolong shelf-life. NOW this scam is about to become an excuse for doing the same with The Norwegian Gold – FISH…! Already some Norwegian fish factories are illegally injecting fish with water, salt and phosphate – and now they want it legalized. Not only water and phosphate is going to be injected into the fish, but also fish-guts…!!! For what? For increasing weight and change color, so you – the consumer – won’t know that the fish is actually old and grey – because the fish meat is still white and shiny…!

What a SCAM! My grandfather Rolv Bjugn was a honest, hard working fisherman and it took a lot to make him angry. But I guarantee you he would not have been happy if he had watched the news yesterday..!

Sign the petition today! Keep Norwegian fish pure and of high quality an value! Please, Click Here – Skriv under i dag – hold norsk fisk ren! Klikk her!

My Grandfather - Rolv Bjugn - on his fishing vessel "Havleik"

My Grandfather - Rolv Bjugn - on his fishing vessel "Havleik", he is standing on the foredeck while sailing for the cod fishery in Lofoten Islands.

The Unbelievable Story

The Unbelievable Story, so Unbelievable that you might not believe it… The film is not open for embedding, so in order to watch it, click on it, then click on the link “Watch on YouTube” or just plain and simply click here!

A Bridge Too Far…


Hålogalandsbrua - Hålogalandsbroen

Hålogalandsbrua (computer model) - Envisioned by the engineers in the bridge consortium


They are building a bridge. (The 8th longest suspension bridge in the World) They are shutting down the local Narvik Airport. This is “A Bridge Too Far…” Politicians in the area have given away the milk cow (i.e.: the local airport) in exchange for a cold glass of milk (i.e.: the bridge). And the not so friendly politicians in Narvik’s neighbouring city Bodø has clapped their hands and supported the idea, well aware of the disadvantage this exchange will have for the region. Now, comparing these two infrastructural factors is just as useful as to compare a grape to a pea… They serve two totally different, and equally important, areas in the stimulation of the economy in the region.

The time saved on the road traveling by the new bridge, compared to the “old” road and bridge, is exactly 20 minutes. That however is not the main factor in the question of building this multi-billion (NOK) bridge. The main argument has been saving lives by eliminating a very winding and accident proned road. This makes for a very good argument – if it was not for the local hospital. The local hospital is one of the worse examples of total lack of quality management. For that reason more than 300 emergency flights are made annually to the University hospital in Tromsø, UNN (and som the the county hospital in Bodø). That is almost one flight per day. Quite a few of these flights are life-saving and time is of the essence. The ambulance ride from the local hospital to the local airstrip takes approximately 5 minutes (from point A to point B on the map).

Here lies the short sightedness of politicians more interested in building a monument for their own period of reign, than the well being of the citizens. A new bridge will be a most welcome supplement to the region. After all this is the European road No. 6 (E6) running through Norway, and Narvik and its region is a technological and industrial locomotive for the region. But when all things’ said and done. The number of lives saved on the road by the this new bridge is easily weighed up by the number of lives lost when the time traveled from the hospital is not as today’s 5 minutes, but 45-60 minutes on a long, dark and most of the year icy road (crossing one mountain-pass) to the nearest regional airport. In addition to this, the air traffic in the regional airport has a much higher density, thus possibly adding to the flight-time of ambulance flights.

The new route for patients: From the hospital (point A) to the point where the new bridge will cross the fjord (point B) where the new “bridge road” will intersect with the current road (point C) and finally the regional airport, Harstad/Narvik Lufhthavn Evenes (point D).

The politicians in Narvik “celebrated” a while back in the newspapers by toasting with water from Narvik, when the plans for the new bridge and subsequently the closing of the local airport was decided. As far as I am concerned they can toast in their water until they drown, as long as they have traded the life-saving and pivotally important Narvik Airport for a monument over themselves. Oh, and yes, if you think trading the airport for a new bridge will give you a free ride across the fjord, think again! The price might be as high as 540 NOK for a round trip across the bridge…

When it comes to the question Bridge OR Airport?:
-BOTH, please!

Soon to be history, landing at and taking off from Narvik Airport, Framnes

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wing Clipping “The Yellow Angel”

The Ambulance Plane landed no less than 3 times yesterday. Nevertheless they are now going to shut down the airport and cut off some 20.000 people from this life-saving transport. Instead they are going to build a bridge and transport patients to a regional airport. Compared to the 5-minute ride from the local hospital to Narvik Airport today, the patients will in the future have to be transported to Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. A transport-time of at least 45 minutes. How many critically ill patients will die during these some extra 40 minutes? Today the ambulance operator Lufttransport AS flies some 300 missions a year to Narvik Lufthavn.

The picture below is a montage of one of the “Yellow Angel’s” 3 missions to Narvik yesterday.