"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Photo – panorama

One of my photos featured in Tesla Motors article

My panorama photo featured in an article by Tesla Motors

I have been fortunate to have one of my photos featured in an article by the electric car company Tesla Motor. The article is about my ophthalmologist Jens Kratholm – a Tesla superowner with no less than 7 Teslas in his automotive fleet!

Within a short time I have provided the world renowned media company Trollbäck+Company and now Tesla Motors with my photos. I am really happy and honored that not only my regular readers – but also major companies notice my photographic work! This article was picked up by several major newspapers, including The New York Times.

You can read the Tesla Motors article by clicking here!


Last shimmer of daylight in the North

In 20 days there is no sunshine and most of the day is pitch black until 13th of January. Around Christmas there is just an hour or two of twilight. The rest of the day it is totally black. In that perspective I must say the electricity producers should be ashamed of themselves. They practically give away industrial electricity to neighbor countries like Sweden and Denmark for free, while old, poor people in Norway freeze to death during the winter because they cannot pay the electricity bill. Shame on you!

Sometimes I get a feeling that the owners of the energy companies and politicians almost hate the people they are here to serve. There is a widespread nepotism in this society that will devour it unless it is stopped. To build a good society, both heart and mind must communicate with each other in the decision makers. Today it more or less seems that the only thing they are interested in is their own reelection, their own benefits and their own pension. That is no way to govern a society.

Well, we still have got the beautiful nature – for now…

Last Shimmer of Daylight

Last Shimmer of Daylight in the North