"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Strange moon above Narvik

Moon above Narvik Harbor

Moon above Narvik Harbor (HDR-compilation)

Experimented somewhat with my tiny pocket camera (that will have to do – I can’t afford the EOS dream since NOBODY has liked my blog enough to DONATE by clicking the yellow “Donate”-button to the right here. That’s it. If your handicapped in this Socialist Dream State, the government flogs you! Since you are the least likely person to give any trouble since you have enough with your ailment and really no fighting will to strike back.

The poverty has skyrocketed during the 5 years this socialist govenment has been in power. At the same time the state has hired some 100.000 people more, directly from the streets, and given the administrative positions, where these people are put into positions where they are processing the ill and handicaped. The easiest is to turn down applications, simply because these co-worker plain and simple don’t know what the hell doing. I mean these government employees can’t even do the most basic things like writing Norwegian…

So this government has secured their next term in power by buying (using taxpayers money) votes through the hiring of an enormous army of people in very little effective organizations where they can turn down applications. Like a friend of mine. She is chained to a wheelchair and has a right to some funds to get a car that is custom build for her handicap. Turn down… After months struggling and hiring an expensive lawyer, she finally got her car, that the law states she should have had in the first place.

I have not been paid my pension in 2 years…… Yep, two years ago. I talked to the assholes in NAV more than six months ago. They just laughed at me – couldn’t care less. Probably will have to wait another year and take some loans to survive. Fat chance of getting a loan  as long as my pension isn’t payed. God I hate this nepotistic communist state, Norway. It really eats at me being treated like crap. When I was working they happily took most of my income in taxes and fees. Now, When an unfortunate disease har struck me down, there is no help in sight. I hope they all burn in hell – nepotistic, corrupt assholes!

Well, just had to blow out some steam. – it is extremely frustarting.


Today s picture, was taken yesterday and I have used a High Dynamic Range software on it, which produced a nice picture of Narvik, but left the Moon looking somewhat strange.

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