"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Amethyste – A Singer with an Angelic Voice that reverberates straight to your soul!

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

Amethyste Lyne Langdeau-Spardel

My friend Amethyste sings with a voice that totally blows me away. I connected with her through Bryan EL, whom with she is working together with at the moment. There is an undefinable timbre in this clear, angelig voice of here, that is soooo rare, so I decided to write this very short introduction.

Amethyste sings like an angel – or at least like I imagine an angel would sing – had I ever met one. I guess you could meet an angel on his first barcrawl, singing with a beer an whiskey voice. After all angels only are a heavenly beings too…

Well, that was a totally sidetrack, if you ever saw one. Back to the Lovely Amethyste!

She’s got a fabulous voice that just must have been created back in time with a very generous pinch of divine inspiration and talent sprinkled over her vocal cords,  sending the very essence of her through her songs to all of  around the globe .

Amethyste says:

I am on I-Tunes 🙂 I have 3 CDs out… My latest came out last december for Christmas 🙂 Search for Amethyste

Just go to iTunes and search for Amethyste! Avery nice place to start shopping for Christmas Presents this year, I’d say! Angelic voice ringing out by the fireplace as Christmas Eve descends on us. What could be better to get you in the mood for the hollidays?

And last but not least: Amethyste has now gotten a permanent place in my musical friends’ “Hall of Fame” which you can find in the column to the right!

3 responses

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  2. Peter J. Coutavas

    I have to agree!! I’ve been listening to her voice since first hearing it with “Tigerforest” on SoundCloud! Been searching for for something like this for some time!! Thank you for the gift. It’s beautiful!! Wish you all the success and happiness!! P

    9. March 2012 at 05:25

    • Thanks a lot for your sweet and true words. I believe there are a very little handful of artists that can touch my heart like Amethyste. That angelic voice of hers and letting her personality ring through makes her the best of the best to me!

      I’ll make sure she gets your lovely words!

      9. March 2012 at 11:10

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