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Archive for 20. November 2010

Share huge files with drag and drop! Protect you valuable photos with ease!

Now this is so ingenious that I just have to share it with you!

Dropbox logo

Dropbox logo

  • Ever wanted to share a huge file?
  • Ever tried to send a file to a friend or colleague only to get a scolding for “blowing up” their inbox with a huge file?
  • Ever worried about loosing important documents, pictures, music files etc. because you don’t have a backup of your computers Harddrive?

Use Dropbox! It is as simple as any other folder on your computer. Just pick up the file you want to protect and drop it in the Dropbox folder. I have never regretted one second that I got my Dropbox! It is simple, fast, reliable and safe. And sharing mega-files with friends and family is just a walk in the park!

Get your Dropbox today – it is free! Please, click on the button below:

Downlaod Dropbox