"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany


Early Morning HDR

This HDR (High Dynamic Range) composition was taken this morning just before 6 o’clock.

An HDR photo composited this morning

An HDR photo composited this morning

Skagen Museum

I had the unspeakable pleasure of visiting Skagen Museum – the home of the Danish Golden Age of Art. Skagen is the very northern tip of Jutland with two Oceans meeting. This gives a rare and quite magical light, which inspired the artist community, mainly of painters, but also poets, which steadily expanded in this area. Inspired by the new romantic era in Europe, where finding the “original” the “mystical” and mans struggle against nature became currents that dictated the art, Skagen was a perfect setting. A small community struggling to maintain the daily life, mainly by fishing in some of the wildest seas.

Skagen Museum is a must see! This Treasure Trove of fantastic art was a real eye opener for me. One thing is seeing all these famous paintings on TV or in magazines, quite another is to actually experience the light, the painters strokes and dimensions in “real life”… And being a public museum, they allowed photographing – without flash of course (flash-light will over time ruin the light-sensitive pigments in the painting). So I shot and looked and shot again. Mainly to perhaps pick up a few pointers for my own paintings.

Here are a few for you to enjoy – BUT like I said, this is a must see, so if you ever plan a trip to Denmark, make sure your calendar is open for a visit to Skagen, both to experience the nature first hand, but also see this – luckily – public display of some of the World’s Greatest Paintings!

Pink Aurora

My friend Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen has shot this brilliantly breathtaking Aurora Borealis shot of Værøya (Vaeroeya) in Vesteraalen. This is just one photo of extremely many absolutely stunning photos that you can enjoy at www.lundeimages.com Read more about Lunde Images in the column to the right under “special friends with special talents”!

Pink Aurora

Pink Aurora (photo: Ostein Lunde Invaldsen)

Stunning auroral activity!

Yesterday was a fantastic night! All one could hope and dream for! Often times the Earth’s magnetic field pushes so hard back against the Sun’s magnestic field, that the particle from solar bursts never enter the ionosphere to create this spectacle. But yesterday was – luckily – a day when the magnetic field lines let slip particles deep down into the ionosphere to create these breathtaking views. With the good help of my friend Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen, I managed to process the final details of my RAW photos to stand out like they are seen.


Seen straight up!

Photos from Bø in Vesterålen – HD

Breathtaking photos by Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen from probably the most beautiful place in the World – Bø in Vesterålen! Please check out more stunning photos at http://oysteinphoto.1x.com/gallery

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I am so sorry…

  • Do you prefer a safe Internet?
  • Do you prefer a stable Internet?
  • Do you prefer the old security of rights “Innocent until proven Guilty” to still be a golden rule in democratic societies?
  • Do you support a free, prosperous Internet
  • Do you oppose giving control over the World’s most significant tool for Prosperity and Freedom of Expression to the entertainment industry and dictatorius regimes?

Please, watch these film:



This has NOTHING to do with protecting artists’ Copyright! They are already protected through the law over most parts of the world – and I support the ones I like by buying their music and films.

This has EVERYTHING to do with giving the Entertainment Industry (and subsequently corrupt regimes) the TOTAL control over The Internet…

Still not convinced: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJIuYgIvKsc

On 1/24 it could be too late… The clock is ticking…

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes – A Bitterly Cold Work for a Sweet Warm Help

In accordance with tradition I purchased the annual Christmas Tree yesterday from the local Lions Club outside the local supermarket REMA 1000 on Ankenes. Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes is a fantastic club! Every year the comb the area for land owners with Christmas Tree sized spuces (Norway Spruce) to sell for Christmas. Once they have found areas suitable for Christmas Trees, they go up (it is usually up a hill side or mountain) into the woods and cut spruces, drag them down to the nearest road and transport them into town.

The spruce I bought yesterday, was a fantastic tree. It smelled just like a spruce is supposed to smell like! And the branches was so thightly packed, it was just amazing! And all the trees for sale looked amazing!

So – what’s the money used for?

Like any other respectable Lions Club, Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes work for free to earn money for humanitarian projects in the local area, nation-wide and internationally.

Today I stopped by with my camera. I would say -9 degrees is pretty cold for a lion, but not these Lions! Their hearts are plenty warm by the important job they are doing to help their fellow human beings (and environment!) to endure the cold winter weather! I took a few shots of the Lions on Ankenes in action.

Do you want to buy the very best looking and smelling Christmas Trees in Narvik? And do you want to help people in need? Here’s the Lions Club sales stand by Rema 1000:

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes selling Christmas Trees to aid people in need! It's a cold job!

Lions Club Narvik/Ankenes selling Christmas Trees to aid people in need! It's a cold job!

Find your way to the Lions Christmas Tree stand!

Find your way to the Lions Christmas Tree stand!

I opened this Lions Art Exhibition and I recommend you to see!

If you are in Denmark, I recommend this fantastic Lions Art Exhibition! It’s free admission to the exhibition and I had the great honor and joy of opening this fantastic oasis of beautiful sights last Saturday!

The artists displaying their works are paying to exhibit. The surplus is exclusively used to buy food for poor families, and toys for poor families with children for Christmas!

You can read about the exhibition on Lions Clubs Aarhus Sct. Clemens homepage. If you do not read Danish, there are pictures there and a QR-code to show you the way to this very special, very intimate exhibition. And there are works for sale in various price categories. The Perfect and Unique Christmas could be awaiting you there!

Go today! You won’t regret it, unless YOUR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PRESENT just have been sold..! Well, maybe you can find an even better one!? One thing i sure: that Christmas present you will be giving during the holidays, is unique! There is nothing like it in the entire world!

Please, click here to go to Lions Clubs Aarhus Sct. Clemens homepage.

The exhibition is open until December 23rd.

Scene from the Lions Art Exhibition i Sonderhoj - Denmark

Scene from the Lions Art Exhibition i Sonderhoj - Denmark