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Moerkholla (Mørkholla) – The Dark Hole – not so dark anymore

In the Fagernes Mountain massive there is a place called Moerkholla (Norwegian: Mørkholla) – or ominously translated into English; The Dark Hole. As the name implies, not much sun reaches the bottom there, but it is somewhat brighter there now, than in the dark season during the winter.

The edge of Moerkholla

The edge of Moerkholla

Delightful Winter

Popped out shortly to shoot a few pictures today. Here’s the first. A wide angle shot of the inner parts of the Ofoten Fjord.

Sun covered mountains by the Ofoten Fjord

Sun covered mountains by the Ofoten Fjord

SOPA / PIPA postponed indefinitely

The SOPA and PIPA law proposals are postponed indefinately! Which means the World’s Population – not the Entertainment Industry – still has the democratic control over the internet! (For now)

So in order to join in the free expression of the world this entire blog is free under a CC – Creative Commons License – with the following limitations:

Commercial Use: NO (right back at you, greedy entertainement industry) Not without my written permission.

Share alike/alter the work: Yes, you may alter and share my pictures, videos or texts from this blog, as long as you link back to the blog. But still, if for commercial use, you need my written permission.

This license applies to The Whole World!

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