"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Moving can be a slow and painful affair

I started the Norwegian Success on Facebook “Ren norsk fisk uten kjemikalier”. This was a campaign against pumping fish full of waste products and phosphates in order to improve wight and coulour, which in well over a week gathered almost 5.500 fans. Not bad for a Norwegian site. But there were quite a few complaints about the title. It was not correct Norwegian, it was not serious enough etc. etc. so. I title on a Facebook Site cannot be altered, once it has been published (thank you very much, Facebook, for making our lives so easy…) I put to a vote if we should move to a new group. There was a majority, although not big, for moving. After long deliberations with myself and my brilliant co-administrator, Ann, the decision was made to move.

This is obviously a painstaking process. From yesterday until now in 19 hours only 320 people has migrated into the new page. It seems as if people don’t really read messages sent to them from Facebook Sites. In fact the old group is actually growing..! What a headache… Well, I am quite confident that people in time will like the new page better.

Support the demand for Pure Norwegian Fish with no additives, and hit the “Like” button on this page – click here!

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