"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany


Air – Johann Sebastian Bach

It’s been way to long since I have time to play. And – from the looks of my calendar, and people totally stressing me out, there will be a long time until I have time to sit down by the keyboard and concentrate again.

Fortunately I have done a few soothing pieces that I listen to, during stressful times. I did a series of classical pieces a while back, where I tried to use only my favorite synth ANTIDOTE by Synapse (a German built, 800 oscillator synth). I will share these with you – piece by piece.

First one out is the timeless “Air” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please read the comment on my Soundcloud-page – soundcloud.com/northernblogosphere for further info and feel free to subscribe there to listen to other pieces!

The Thereminist and The Northern Light

On the third night in a row I went out scouting for the Northern Lights yesterday. I had good company in Danielle and Kent Robin. Liv-Bente had prepared the grounds (if you’d like me to, I’ll explain this in a later post). Just in time for the show, Wenche came along with an exchange student, Ayan from Thailand and an old friend – Rune – and a friend of his – Cathrine – from Narvik Fotoklubb – The local photo club came to scout the skies as well. There were quite a few tripods and camera at one point, but it is always nice to trade tips and tricks in the very skilled and difficult art of taking good northern lights shots.

So what about the title on this post? – you might ask… Well, when there is nobody else out there chatting along, I can actually hear music when I see the northern lights flickering and meandering across the night sky. My good friend – the brilliant singer and thereminist – Amethyste plays along with the light in my mind. She has an angelical voice. I suppose it is simply and purely a question of associations between beautiful things in my life.

Northern Lights flickering above Narvik and Ankenes last night while Améthyste held a concert for my inner ear.

Northern Lights flickering above Narvik and Ankenes last night while Améthyste held a concert for my inner ear.

Knights and Magic by Richard Birdsall

A fantastic piece of music written by the very, very young composer Richard Birdsall and winner of the Gary Garriton Contest. The conductor becomes airborne at the end! A brilliant piece of music well worth seeing!
Vodpod videos no longer available.