"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Update 1830 zulu time – faint radio signal picked up

In relation to my previous post – crew of five missing – news update at 1830 zulu time was that a Danish SAR helicopter has picked up a faint radio signal, most likely from the emergency positioning radio beacon from the missing airplane just across the border on the Swedish side. The signal was picked up near Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden (2,106 meters). As the picture illustrates, the Kebnekaise mountain region is on a clear day extreme terrain. And right now it is night and extremely low visibility according to a Swedish reporter in the area.

View from the top of Kebnekaise (photo: Wiktor Mazur)

Extreme mountainous terrain. View from the top of Kebnekaise (photo: Wiktor Mazur)

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