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Help Japan!

Japan earthquake/Miyagi - Photo: courtesy of Lions Clubs International

Japan earthquake/Miyagi - Photo: courtesy of Lions Clubs International

As much as 100.000 people may have been killed after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The suffering is further increased by the following nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Powerplant. Japan is the 3rd biggest economy in the world. So helping Japan is really helping – an already strained World Economy – survive, and subsequently – helping Japan is very much helping yourself!

How can I help?

Lions Clubs International was one of the very first to bring help in to the disaster areas. Why? Well, Lions Members – ordinary citizens with extraordinary brave Lions-Hearts – are present in most parts of the world. Those Lions in Japan who survived the disaster immediately mobilized and started the relief effort. 107.000 Japanese Lions Members are working hard at helping in the disaster area.

Since all this is volunteer work, and Lions don’t use the money they earn on any thing but 100% pure help, you have a guarantee that what you donate will reach the people in need.


  1. Send SMS med teksten “Katastrofe” til 2434
  2. Du mottar en kvitteringsmelding om at du har støttet vårt arbeid med 200,- kroner.
  3. Beløpet faktureres på din telefonregning.

Read more on lions.no


Sådan kan du donere til katastrofen
Send LIONS 100 til 1999 eller Send LIONS 150 til 1999
Det koster 100 eller 150 kr. + alm. SMS takst.

Du kan indsætte et beløb på følgende bankkonto i Danske Bank
3543 – 3543435031 og mrk. Stillehavet.

Ønskes der fradrag som gave i henhold til ligningslovens § 8A
skal CPR eller CVR nr. opgives.

Read more on lions.dk

USA and others

  • Donate online at www.lcif.org/donate. Select Disaster and include the name of the disaster (Japan or New Zealand) in the comments section.
  • Make a credit card donation with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Fax the following information to LCIF: name, address, phone number, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date, and amount of the donation. If you are a Lions member, please provide your clubs information. LCIF’s fax number is (630) 571-5735.
  • Mail LCIF a U.S. dollar check drawn on a U.S. financial institution. Make the check payable to Lions Clubs International Foundation, noting the name of the disaster (Japan or New Zealand) in the memo. Please send the check to Lions Clubs International Foundation, Department 4547, Carol Stream, Illinois 60122-4547  USA
  • Make a direct deposit of local currency into an existing LCI account. Send a copy to LCIF via fax to (630) 571-5735.
  • Do a direct wire transfer. For assistance with this option please contact LCIF Donor Assistance at donations@lionsclubs.org.
  • Complete the single or multiple donor disaster donation form and mail or fax to LCIF.

Read more:

Lions Clubs International Foundation – How to donate

Read the stories from Lions working in the disaster areas in Japan

See map of Lions Clubs in affected areas – a chocking picture of the magnitude of the Earthquake and Tsunami disaster

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