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Another issue of INARVIK out on the street tomorrow

Yet another brilliant issue of the magazine INARVIK hits the streets tomorrow. As usual it is a brilliant magazine the small – but highly talented staff has put together – made with love and passion for “happy journalism”! That is their trademark. You actually feel happy after having browsed through this magazine!

Enjoy by clicking on the front cover! The text is in Norwegian – but there are plenty of photos there to please your eyes!

Front cover of I NARVIK 03 2011

Front cover of I NARVIK 03 2011 (Please, Click the front cover to read the magazine)

Aesthetics of a tower

Control Tower at the Oslo Airport - Gardermoen

Control Tower at the Oslo Airport - Gardermoen

I love flying! There is something magical about flying in an aircraft. Yes, I know all the physics like Bernoulli’s principle and all that – but still if the physics is such and such – and my brain understands how an airflow works on an airplane wing, meteorology, procedures during the flight etc., the process of flying is nevertheless wonderfully magical.

I regard the crew on the ground with just as much respect as the men and women that take us on the journey along the airways. Thus I find airport control towers fascinating. The picture here shows the tower at the main airport in Norway – Gardermoen just North of Oslo – taken a couple of weeks ago. I guess what I find appealing about airport control towers is that they often combine aesthetics with functionality.


Bernoulli’s principle