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Northern Lights and a moonlit Night

Romantic scenery panorama

Northern light (aurora borrealis) with moon shining on the mountains in the background

Please CLICK on the picture to see it in full resolution. Northern light (aurora borrealis) with moon shining on the mountains in the background

Watching the “Sky Fire” while fetching some Fire Wood

Great Northern Lights Show Yesterday above Narvik

Great Northern Lights Show Yesterday above Narvik (please click the picture for highest resolution)

Northern Lights Above the City and the clouds to the right in the picture

Northern Lights Above the City and the clouds to the right in the picture (please click the picture for highest resolution)

5 dies in horrific mass-accident

Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa - Minister of Transportation (photo: Jarle Vines Jarvin)

A young boy and his father and three health-workers from the local hospital here in Narvik died in a road accident Friday between Tromsø and Narvik involving  two buses and car. 6 more are in intensive care at the University Hospital in Tromsø. People die all the time along the roads in Norway. Politicians are more interested in building “systems” to secure their power-base. The minister of Transportation and Communication, Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa, is such an incompetent politician.

This part of the accident-proned road between Narvik and Tromsø should have been secured with spacers between the lanes – but quite incompetently nothing is being done other than hiring more government officials and spending taxpayers money on more laws and regulations.

The Accident Investigators are inspecting the scene and the cars involved. Friday’s Accident seems to have been worse than necessary because several of the passengers failing to use seat belt in the mini-bus involved. Seat belts actually improves your risk of survival by 200% It also decreases your risk of serious injuries just as much. I for one – would not have been here to write these lines to you – if it weren’t for seat belts! Use Seat Belts – Someone Loves You!

Stupid, ignorant, nepotistic politicians and seat belts aside – with this we let our warmest sympathies and heartfelt condolences go out to those who have lost their dear, to those who are struggling for life in the hospital while at the same time coping with the loss of their dear son and father/husband and to the hospital staff who found three of their employees dead in this horrific accident just minutes after meeting them at the hospital.Condolences - Lavangsdalen - 07-01-2011

-The Heroes come from the North! Another Airplane Hijack stopped lats night by North-Norwegian!

News on Norwegian TV2 about North-Norwegians Heroes

TV2 News about the Kato Air hijacking and Heroes from Northern Norway

Last night a passenger (Turkish Airways) plane from Oslo, Norway to Istanbul, Turkey was hijacked by an expelled asylumseeker. A man from Northern Norway – 54 year old Dag Gjerstad from Kvænangen in Troms attacked the hijacker and held him down until the plane landed in Istanbul and the Turkish Police could evacuate the plane and arrest the hijacker.

Muslim terrorist almost killed the Captain and 1st Officer of Kato Air Flight

In 2004 a plane from this city, Narvik enroute to Bodø was hijacked by a muslim terrorist who almost killed the pilots with an axe. The Captain and 1st Officer both sustained serious head injuries and was blinded by blood and partially paralyzed by the violent muslim terrorist. The plane went into a death-dive, and calculations show that the pilot regained control and avoided crashing by some 20 meters… Trond Frantzen and Odd Eriksen – both North-Norwegians attacked the hijacker and battled with him until they managed to free the restrained pilots from their attacker. They almost strangled the hijacker to death until he gave up fighting.

Odd Eriksen broke his back in the following crash landing at the airport in Bodø. The Police couldn’t understand how the pilots managed to land the plane. They both sustained serious head injuries and wounds to their bodies and were partly blinded by blood. The cockpit instruments were soaked in blood. All four heroes, the Captain, 1st Officer, Trond Frantzen and Odd Eriksen and all the passengers survived.

Simple Explanation

Professor in Crisis Psychiatry Lars Weisæth believes the reason why men and women from Northern-Norway are so capable of acting in serious crisis, is because the live in a part of Norway where it is necessary to be able to take Care of yourself. In Northern Norway there is a – at times – violent climate and nature, there is often a long way to the nearest police- and firebrigade-station and the nearest doctor or hospital. Thus forcing us to be able to cope in serious crisis-situations.

-Witness Passivity – a problem

Professor Weisæth says witness passivity is a problem in dramatic events. If the 2004-hijacking had taken place between Oslo and Stockholm chances are the passengers would have been seated, doing nothing, waiting for someone to take action, according to a SAS – Scandinavian Airlines Captain. So being from a city lessens the chance of being a hero.

Some of the best know hero-headlines from Norway the past few years

  • Rescued three children from the lit caravan
  • Rescued elderly from fire inferno
  • 12-year old girl saved three girls from drowning
  • 15-year old rescued fisherman from sinking boat
  • Tried saving drowned
  • Rescued elderly woman from burning house
  • Dived deep into capsized “Rocknes” to save seamen
  • Busdriver stabbed

Read more in this article from NRK (Norwegian)

Further reading: The Norway Post – Norwegian stops highjacker

-22 degrees and a Great Show

I stood out in the cold -22° Celcius (-7.6° F) for nearly a couple of hours trying to get a picture of the meteor shower – The Quadrantids. The sky was filled with them but my pocket camera – a Canon IXUS 850IS simply doesn’t have the lens nor chip to catch these really fast specs of light as they flash across the sky in the fraction of a second. But it was a very nice spectacle though.

Meteor Shower and Solar Eclipse and Great Northern Lights Show!

Well, we are way north of the Arctic Circle, so the second biggest solar eclipse in Norway since 1954 won’t be visible here, but further south it will probably be a great show tomorrow!

Furthermore, the Earth is now passing the meteor shower, The Quadrantides, so step outside and watch for shooting stars! This site has advice for when to watch.

And finally, it has been a great night for watching the Northern Lights!

Northern Lights above the Ofoten Fjord tonight

Northern Lights above the Ofoten Fjord tonight

Northern Lights above the Ofoten Fjord tonight

Happy New Year – 2011!

Happy New Year 2011