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Our Christmas Tree in 3D!

Dear reader,

It has been a great Christmas! Unlike the English-speaking part of the World – in Europe we celebrate Christmas Eve. So yesterday we had a brilliant dinner. I don’t quite get how my mother manages to make the fantastic traditional pork rib year after year – but she does!

While waiting for the opening of all the lovely presents in the evening, I took 238 pictures of the Christmas Tree. I made a 3D model with these photos. You can watch various representations of the model.
When in Photosynth, pay especially attention to these controls: (Click here to go directly to Photosynth! It may take some time to load. It’s a big model!)

Our Christmas Tree as a 3D-model. Click the picture to see the 3D-model Live!

A point model of our Christmas Tree! Click the picture to see the 3D-model Live!