"A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders." -Lord Dunzany

Try landing on the Moon!

If you’re a history-buff, love space exploration like me and love flying – you’ll have to try this game!!! Moonlander by PlanetInAction.com I have only tried it in Google Chrome and it requires Google Earth plugin. If you’ve got the latest version of Google Earth and Chrome installed on your system, you have already got the plugin.

Steering the landing-craft of Apollo 11 – the first landing-craft to put man on the Moon – (at 02:39 UTC on Monday July 21 (10:39pm EDT, Sunday July 20), 1969) – is quite easy!

Use the left ← and right → arrow keys on your keyboard to control the pitch of The Eagle. Fire your engine in bursts by pressing the space-bar button on your keyboard. You can try a landing with unlimited fuel, but that is cheating ;o)

Keep an eye on the fuel gauge top right side, and keep the speed in the green area!

First you’ll need to break the orbital insertion velocity. Then pitch the craft upright when you’re over the (red) target landing area. Keep the speed in the green zone! Nice and smooth: touchdown! When you succeed, you’ll hear the actual recording from the landing from Mission Control Houston.

I prefer a full screen to get the most details.

Touchdown! Limited fuel-landing - smooth as a baby's bottom

Touchdown! Limited fuel-landing - smooth as a baby's bottom

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